Maxim Galkin is a Russian comedian, television presenter and showman.

One of the few famous Russian artists openly condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine and was later listed as a foreign agent by the Russian government. Galkin left Russia in March 2022 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Currently lives in Israel with his family.

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Maxim Galkin is a unique artist. Incredible concentration of talent, energizing humour, incredible flexibility to cover all acute and relevant topics, a master of improvisation. For more than two hours, he keeps the audience in maximum awe.

It seemed unbelievable that in our hectic times people could "fall" out of their own lives for so long - phones, calls, whatsaps - and immerse themselves in the world of humor, parodies and a one-man performance frankly sparkling from a true artist.

Maxim Galkin's new program is a virtuous balance of different ways to make audiences smile, juggling genres: parodies of stars, matching untold jokes, fresh anecdotes, live songs featuring various contemporary artists, ironic Galkin monologues himself, quills and bold thoughts, as they say, "on the point", about world politics and everything that concerns each of us.

Come to Maxim Galkin's concerts. It's a real pleasure for two hours - a free and ironic flow of bright thoughts from a truly witty person.


Duration of the show 2 hours without intermission

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