The magic of his talent leaves no one indifferent. For decades, he has been gathering full houses in many countries of the world. Humorist. TV presenter. Showman. Singer. The list of his regalia and statuses can be listed endlessly. But above all, Maxim Galkin is a real Artist with a capital letter. Bright, charismatic and always up-to-date. A unique combination of wisdom and youth, sense of humor and multifaceted talent turn his solo concerts into a mosaic of genres that overlap: parodies, songs, humor, concert numbers from famous television shows. His humor is topical, flexible and genuinely funny. Maxim feels his audience and just sincerely talks with her, as if talking about his life to old friends who suddenly arrived.

Miniatures, reprises of theatrical sketches, completely new sketches, as well as productions that have long been known and loved by the audience. Performed by Maxim, they do not lose their artistic value, and, like a favorite song, they sound on repeat, causing a nostalgic smile. Maxim Galkin's concert is a firework of impressions, a volcano of explosive emotions and a guarantee of a great mood not only on the day of the event, but also for several weeks ahead. His sketches never get old, his halls never get empty, his jokes never get old. Because real talent never goes out of style.

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