23 May 2024. Troxy. Starts at 20:00, doors open at 19:00

The duration of the concert is 2 hours without intermission

Age restriction 14+ 

Every year the number of Valery Meladze's fans grows, thanks to his unique voice and bright charisma. Everything in his work is like in life: passion and romance, tenderness and drama, joy and pain of loss. For almost thirty years he has been enjoying the constant attention and love of the audience. Each of his songs is a whole story: "How Beautiful You Are Today", "Sera", "I Can't Do Without You", "Attraction No More", "Foreigner", "Tequila Love", "In Defiance", "Heaven".

Rarely does a musician manage to hold the attention and love of the audience for so long and so firmly, but Valery has an amazing personal magnetism. In tandem with his older brother Konstantin - the author of all his songs - they created a special direction of modern Russian popular music. And this is Meladze's music, which you will be able to immerse yourself in at concerts as early as 2024 as part of a concert tour of Europe.

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